Thursday, 8 March 2007

Roy - Tho, 1st day

So the day belonged to thora. Impressive performance. Peiris (161) and Mazahir (162) put on god knows how much for the 3rd wicket. Amazing partnership. Unfortunately i missed seeing it first hand as by the time i got to the ground peiris had gone, mazahir was just leaving, along with 3 other thomians. Half an hour after i got to the SSC thora had declared at 374/7. Top stuff. Very good declaration i thought.

Royal started well: thanks to the extras i must add. When the score was at 28/0, the opening pair were 2 and 6 respectively. The openers went pretty fast. I thought royal made a big mistake by sending 2 night watchmen. Tantrigoda went for 0, defeating his purpose. So we start tomorrow morn at 40/3. Long road ahead. I just hope the match lasts till saturday.

The crowd was at about 50%. After nearly 4 years it was so damn good to hear the sound of the papare and see everyone having an awesome time. Gave me goosebumps. I dont think anyone could feel as excited as a Royalist or a Thomian during this time of the year. It's hard to explain the meaning of this match... it's not just about rivalry either...It's good to be back. Win or lose, the baila beat goes on!

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Chaar~Max said...

I thought it was "Win or Lose we Booze".. Oh sory.. are you trying to stay "under-cover"?