Saturday, 24 March 2007

CH & FC for live cricket! Go Sri Lanka!

I've just come back home in a state of happiness, if that is what it is. Sri Lanka just thrashed India! The safety of Sri Lankan's in India sorta worries me now coz we've effectively eliminated them from the world cup! WOO HOO!

We went to the SSC first, which was rather dead. The screen was not clear. The people were the clapping "well done chappie" type. After a few rounds of drinks and after Sri Lanka finished their innings we decided to move to CH & FC down the road.

What an atmosphere there! There were two papare bands playing in tandem, there were three big screens showing the match and it was brilliant. Everyone was jumping up and down and making merry.

I know where i'll be for the next few matches.

2 musings:

~ I*R*O*M*I ~ said...

Sounds super, can't wait to come back and check things out myself ! Anything is better than sitting here and having to stop myself from screaming out loud in celebration ! CR it is :)

sensational racialist attacks said...

ado thambiya don't dis the SINHALESE sports club!
Go and support pak why don't you!