Thursday, 1 March 2007

Moving again...Where to boss?

In the last 10 years i've moved house a whopping 8 times! It's not that i'm trying to get the police off my trail or that i pissed some minister off and i don't want him to find me. I think i owe most of the numbers to my uni days: Moving once at the end of the academic year, and once again after summer.

Well today is going to be the 9th bloody time! This time it's my whole family. This time too its more or less my fault. The appartment was a good size apparently until i decided to come back home. Not that i'm a bucket of lard so big that i knock into everything while at home. Far from it actually. Furthest from it that anyone can be as a matter of fact! Anyway, i came back, settled my self into what was the family room. After a while they couldn't handle the fact that i'd complain that i was woken at 7am cause someone wanted to watch tv, or better yet, at 6 am when the phone rings! (don't ask who calls at that ungodly hour cause i don't give a shit). So it was finally decided we need more room. Mum asks me whether i'm sad to leave the appartment. Heck no! I've barely lived in it. I'm also immune to moving. Done it too often.

I left today for work from the appartment. Going home to a house in Nawala. Now atleast i don't have to worry about waking the neighbours too much cause they don't live above, below and to every side of me anymore. Now i can turn my amp up loud and begin to play! (sorry paul simon, didn't mean to steal your line).

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Anonymous said...

hahahha poor unwanted kid.....!