Sunday, 27 January 2008

Watch out for Independence day

Another weekend getaway to yet another beach. Went down to Beruwela this time, and by golly it was packed! With foreigners too! Never have I seen a Sri Lankan beach with so many foreigners! But the fun is over, the sand has been washed off, Djokovic just won in Melbourne, and now the things-to-do list is staring at me on the eve of the first 5 day working week in 3 weeks!

First up on the list is the release of the 10 Second Rule album. We've decided to release the album online for free download, taking inspiration from Radiohead of course, on independence day, i.e. 4th of Feb. Album is titled "Monsoon Sunday 3: After the Rain" and will be available at You won't be able to do anything on independence day, apart from stay at home, so you might as well download the album;)

Well, off to the showers now!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

I want you back...KT Tunstall style

Good lord, she only keeps getting better! Armed with her acoustic guitar, a tambourine and her trusted Akai E2 Headrush loop/sampler pedal (just discovered that today!) this is KT taking my breath away! Again!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

If I Was Prabhakaran...

...I would be thinking to myself that this armed war type of thing has been going on for a while with not much success. I must prove to those southern buggers that I'm a nice, like-able kinda guy. Cause if the South believes I'm a trustworthy, decent chap, they might actually consider me as a plausible alternative to dearly beloved Mahinda.

So for starters, if I was Prabhakaran, before wasting another suicide bomber, I would blow up Mervyn Silva to smithereens. I'd plant not one, but two claymores on either side of the road so that he gets hit from both sides, much like he did at Rupavahini, only with much more force and shrapnel. That should win me support from the masses.

Tell me. What would you do if you were Prabhakaran?

Friday, 4 January 2008

Running Late

You know it's not your day when you over-sleep not once, but twice, and then go on to ruin surprise birthday parties that aren't yours in the first place!

The new place requires me to be at office at 8am sharp. So there I was happily dreaming of not being late, which is unusual for me, when my mum comes crashing into my room and goes "shouldn't you be getting ready? it's 7:35!". Fuck. 25 minutes to shower, iron, get dressed, and get to bloody work! By a miracle of some sort, I get to work by 8am on the dot. Distressed but on time.

As I was heading home, the missus and I decided that I shall pick her up at 7:45pm, in order to be at C's GF's house by 8:15, in time for C's surprise, scheduled for 8:30pm. Right, that's not too hard is it?

When I get home round 6ish, I think it's only prudent to have a nap, so that i'll be fresh for the eve. So there I was, prudently napping. Or so I was until missus calls me at 8:20pm and goes "where are you?". In that delirious split second between deep sleep and wide awake (induced by shock) I thought to my self "Is it already time to go to work?". Then it hit me. Fuck. C. Surprise. 10 minutes.

Ran to the shower. Ran out only to see C himself had called me while I was in there at 8:29pm! Now why's this bugger, who was supposed to be surprised a minute later, calling me at 8:29pm? Why's this bugger, who I have avoided wishing all day, calling me now?

So what to do? I call him back! (In hindsight, that was the biggest mistake I made. In my defence, I thought the surprise was over, and he was calling to find out why I was late). So here's what happens.

C : Machang where are you?
Me : err, at home!
C : Ado come for a drink you bugger!
Me : ah, err, ok. Happy birthday machang!
C : thanks. Come to N's (C's GF)!
Me : mmmmm, ok. Where are you now?
C : at N's.
Me : (thinking to myself, fuck I missed it!) no probs, i'm on my way. 15 mins.
C : you are? why are you heading to N's?
Me : didn't you say you were there?
C : No i'm at dinner.
Me : Oh fuck. err. yeah. I'll come once you get there.
(at this point I'm confused as fuck. Is he there? Is he not? Had I missed the surprise? Had I ruined it?)
C : Ok Bye!
Me : bye!

2 minutes later, C calls me back
C : *Laughing away*
Me : (i assumed I had missed it) Shit I missed it nuh?
C : Missed what?
Me : err nothing. See you at N's.
C : yeah machang!

At this point, N had frantically passed the message to those who were at N's already that C might have a clue as to what's going on thanks to me not being on time and thus me not knowing what to say to him. So I get a barrage of calls from all sorts of people there asking what I had told C. So there I was, confused as fuck, thinking that C had already made it to the surprise, and the rest were calling to take the piss outta me for being late. The general gist of the calls were like "ado wtf did you tell C man?" And there I was maintaining "don't bullshit me you bugger, he's already there and you buggers are just taking me for a ride. I'll be there in 15."

Now the story gets better. I hurriedly pick up GF, then rush to N's. Park the car behind C's vehicle, cause obviously he had made it there before me. Then check with N's maid as to what time C & N got there. He says "ahhh dang vinadi 10k vithara avilla". So I think to my self, ah that's cool. So I rush up the stairs to the rooftop, on the way passing N's door, that suddenly slams abruptly. I run all the way up and open the door. "SURPRISE" everyone shouts. I dunno who was more surprised, them to see that I wasn't C, or me to realise that C hadn't yet come up. So they say C hadn't made it yet, so I hurry back down and move my car away, only to hear "surprise" again, while I was walking back up the stairs. C had been in N's room and they had walked up 2 mins after me. Man, talk about fucking bad luck! Obviously I wasn't allowed to live it down for the night.

The moral of the story? Set an alarm.