Sunday, 15 November 2009

If I was MR ...

... I'd pull my best trick out of the hat.

I'd forget about having Presidential Elections next year. After all, I wouldn't want the one reason that would've ensured that I was in power for another 6 years to be the reason that might also take away that possibility. In 2 years time, Sarath Fonseka's legacy might've been forgotten, and by then, the SB Dissanayakes of Sri Lankan politics would again be my opposition at any election.

Coming back to reality, I feel that the opposition and its whole "common candidate" battle strategy (no pun intended) might've been one that has been prematurely ejaculated. In any case, I wouldn't vote for either of these jokers, one of whom will eventually be the one from millions that fertilizes the egg that is Presidency, only to bear yet another stillborn child.