Thursday, 17 July 2008

Forks in the road on a dark knight

The proverbial fork in the road is right in front of me, and although I'd bet my last pair of underwear that it was never there 2 seconds ago, now I can't avoid it much like a driver who wakes up a few feet before a lamp-post.
The thing is, I had expected to be cruising along for a long while before I came to the fork, but i must've accidentally stumbled upon the shortest short cut ever and now it's too soon to decide and I can't decide.
The surprise shocked; it appeared at first to be a dead end. But it wasn't, though I never really recovered from the initial shock although I kept a deadpan face.
Then the two roads at the fork appeared. That too shocked. Too soon. Too soon.
But one seems the obvious choice, but it wasn't on the cards. The other was what I was expecting gladly, although I wasn't expecting it to be peppered with pot holes and speed bumps as it is going to be so now I'm not so glad.
On another note, for those Batman fans out there, Dark Knight is a great movie. I think the Batman series has made the best superhero movies by far, when compared with spiderman, superman, the fantastic four, hulk, etc, etc. Well, catch it, and enjoy!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Roo Radio

I stumbled across Roo Radio (possibly here too) purely by accident yesterday, while looking for something to listen to as my external hard drive that my music is stored on is completely buggered. Hopefully trusty Chaar-max will fix things for me when I'm back home:)

Anyways, if you grew up or are still growing up listening to bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Better than Ezra, RHCP, Dave Matthews, Damien Rice, the Cranberries, etc, you will most definitely love this station. It plays the best alternative music and the quality is great. So check it out, let me know what you think.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Legal Jargon

It's public knowledge now that the powers that be want to impose that the Law College is to conduct all its courses and exams in only the English medium. As to be expected, there's been plenty of ha ho about the whole darned change with plenty of people opposing the reforms. But I for one think that it is a good move (one of very few exercised by those in power!), mainly because currently exams and lectures are only conducted in English or Sinhalese. No points for guessing what's wrong there.
Secondly, I think it will eliminate the language barrier at least in the legal profession. To me, that's a huge start, and one that's long overdue, for I firmly believe that the language barrier was the cause of our problems and is the obstacle to our solution.
Living in Singapore has opened my eyes to a few things. All this hue and cry back home about safeguarding the language of the majority is a load of bollocks. Chinese make up 75.2% of Singapore's population, followed by the Malays, Indians and Eurasians. However, since independence, Singapore maintained English as its main language, and this has definitely helped bridge the races and attract expat workers like ants to honey.
So hats off to them law pundits.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Beach Touch!!!

I have just woken up the morning after, my skin is stinging, my legs are like lead and there's sand in my hair!

Yesterday was the Singapore Rugby Union's Beach Touch Rugby Tourney. 50 teams in about 6 categories - Mens, Womens, Corporate, Mixed, Boys under 20 and Girls under 20.

I've played tap rugger on the beach in Sri Lanka since I was a kid, resulting in many fights after cries of "false alarm!". So I thought this beach touch thing would be a breeze. But, the rules are different and I soon realised that I was wrong.

The game is extremely fast, and if your caught napping for even a second the other team can score. Since the attacking team has the benefit of playing 3 on 2, defending can really be a bitch. But it's brilliant! Play is based on 4 touch rules, so the attacking team can make 4 plays before there's a turnover.

This was the first time that the Lanka Lions Cricket Club had ventured into touch rugby, and although we didn't win the tourney, we did play really well against teams that play touch competitively regularly. So much so that we were even made a few offers to join a couple of rugby teams out here to play in the Singapore leagues. Thank god i'm going to be outta here!