Sunday, 6 July 2008

Beach Touch!!!

I have just woken up the morning after, my skin is stinging, my legs are like lead and there's sand in my hair!

Yesterday was the Singapore Rugby Union's Beach Touch Rugby Tourney. 50 teams in about 6 categories - Mens, Womens, Corporate, Mixed, Boys under 20 and Girls under 20.

I've played tap rugger on the beach in Sri Lanka since I was a kid, resulting in many fights after cries of "false alarm!". So I thought this beach touch thing would be a breeze. But, the rules are different and I soon realised that I was wrong.

The game is extremely fast, and if your caught napping for even a second the other team can score. Since the attacking team has the benefit of playing 3 on 2, defending can really be a bitch. But it's brilliant! Play is based on 4 touch rules, so the attacking team can make 4 plays before there's a turnover.

This was the first time that the Lanka Lions Cricket Club had ventured into touch rugby, and although we didn't win the tourney, we did play really well against teams that play touch competitively regularly. So much so that we were even made a few offers to join a couple of rugby teams out here to play in the Singapore leagues. Thank god i'm going to be outta here!

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