Thursday, 28 June 2007


Enthusiasm is hard to find. Mutual enthusiasm, harder still.
But when you're looking for mutual enthusiasm, mutual interests, common tastes, individual specialities, impeccable talents, similar people, then you're fucked.

And this ain't even for marriage, for which at the end you would be.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Mud Slinger!

I was walking with a mate of mine along Dawson street, Colombo 2. The rains had resulted in lots of water laying stagnant in puddles on the road, coloured brown from the mud of the construction sites nearby. It's only a two lane road so here we were carefully dodging both mud and cars while making our way. We got to a place where the pavement was only one tiny ledge about the width of a brick. It was a little bridge for there was mud on both sides. There was no oncoming traffic so we quickly leaped on to the makeshift bridge and treaded carefully to get to safer, less muddier ground.

We were almost there when suddenly this double cab screeched passed, horns blaring while over-taking the line of traffic heading the same direction as we were. The idiot splashed us both with mud. I was covered up to my waist!

The dimwit, after his rather heroic attempt to hit the speed of sound, was stopped by the traffic lights 20 metres away. That was it. I was frothing. I was wet.

The width of a brick suddenly appeared to me like a sprinter's lane on a 400 metre track. I ran off towards the double-cab. Just when I was almost there, the light turned green and he turned on to union place.

Then to my surprise, there was a bus stopped just there so he couldn't get passed the junction. I started my running again. Caught up to him right in the middle of the junction and pounded on his window! I opened the door and god only knows what flew out of my mouth. He had the face of an angel who had done nothing. I noticed droplets of my spit flow out with my intricately selected words and onto his bald head. I noticed no one, even though I was smack bang in the middle of traffic, right in front of KFC on union place, at the centre of the junction. I think i heard an apology, and an offer to clean me up. I flung the door shut and carried on on my way.

That felt good.
(pls take more care while driving not to splash innocent passers-by with road water. After all, it could be me)

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Goo Kaapang, Goo Kaapang!

The Bradby shield is once again ours after a lapse of 2 years. This is in honour of the team that brought it home. Congratulations boys and thank you!

The heavy rains before the match didn't keep the crowds away. It was packed to capacity and then some. Royal played a better game today than the first leg. Even though the grounds were wet, we played less of a kicking game which worked well. Trinity used their captain Shaun as much as they possibly could. It was tough work to bring down that huge, burly forward who was steam rolling through our defences. But we did well to keep him at bay.

The final score of the match read 15 (a goal, a try and a penalty) to 11 (a try and 2 penalties) in favour of Royal. The aggregate score, 35 - 23.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

10 second rule - Rain Come. Listen first here!

The single "Rain Come" ran on radio on Sunday night. If you missed it, have a listen on this blog. Hit the play button on the mp3 player on the right. You might have to wait for it to load thanks to Sri Lankan broadband speeds. Please let us know what you think!
(thanks B for sorting out my flash player woes!)

Sunday, 17 June 2007

10 Second Rule debuts tonight on radio...

10 Second Rule's first single "Rain Come" airs this evening on TNL. The band comprises of Aadhil on vocals/guitars, Myself on guitars, Naveen on drums.
Watch this space for more news.

Royal Up...Shakespeare Down...

What an eventful day was yesterday! The highlights of which were traffic jams, the rugger match, and the shakespeare girls finals.

I was just about to leave for the Roy-Tho rugger match when i got news that the authorities were checking every vehicle entering Colombo! So an hours delay later I managed to find myself at the CR&FC. Not so surprisingly, thanks to the checkpoints, the stands were far from full.

Great game. Well it is always great when your team wins. It was close at 22-18 at the final whistle. I thought Royal had the opportunity of scoring atleast 2 more tries, but as has been evidenced right throughout the season, Royal lacks the capability and capacity to add the required finishing touch to their plays. Much to the disbelief of Royal fans, the ref didn't see a blatantly obvious forward pass by the Thomian three quarters which led to their second try. This was followed by hoots of "referee horaa!", "referee mahindata puka denava" (incidentally MR's son played the match for Thora), "okath mahinda chinthanayeda?" "heta thamuseta ministry ekak!"...oh well:)...

The Shakespeare finals ended in a farce! The plays were great. But the comedy began when the judges and the organizers took the stage to make the presentations. They made the nominees for each award come up on stage, then picked the winner while the others had to walk off like idiots! The actual result nearly brought the house down. Ave maria walked off with first prize while LC came last. SBC strode in at 2nd place. The general reaction was that LC's performance was a cut above the rest and they deserved to win. The judges thought otherwise. SBC on the other hand were rubbish, and nevertheless ended up 2nd.

hmmm. Hoping for a better performance by the judges tonight.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Two Cents.

Won Bradby. Super Kandy. Into Shakespeare Finals. Look forward. First Jam Session. New band. 10 second rule. Roy-Tho Rugger. Shakes finals. Good week. I like.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

10 ways to keep yourself occupied at work...

10. Let your thoughts wander outdoors as your stare at a gorgeous day through the window from the confines of your seat. Think of where you'd rather be.
9. Email colleagues and ask em if they want to have a break. (after all it's been a tiring day!)
8. Chat on MSN, on which you will find other friends also lost at work.
7. Take a peak at your colleague's screen. Find out what he's/she's doing. Anything interesting?
6. Daily Mirror - find out which of our political babies wet his nappy today.
5. BBC - for more readable news.
4. Kottu for your daily dose of Sri Lanka bashing.
3. Check your emails...if you haven't got any new ones, read your old ones.
2. Let out the nosy, cough i mean intrusive, choke no i mean inquisitive side in you on Facebook and find out what everyone is upto, who is messaging whom, what the new goss is, who broke up with whom, etc. You know you want to...
1. Keep hitting refresh on your browser while signed into either Kottu, Facebook, or your Inbox and hope for the best...

Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I sell kimbula banis at tea time to office workers, and they share their stories with me. Hence this list. I do not in any shape or form have access to a computer at work. If I did, I would never indulge in any such unproductive activity. (it really isn't me boss!)

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Band Names Anyone?

So we're looking for a band name. We're not too fussed. Funny, witty, creative, stupid, dark, etc., it doesn't matter. Have u got any ideas? Please share:)