Sunday, 24 June 2007

Mud Slinger!

I was walking with a mate of mine along Dawson street, Colombo 2. The rains had resulted in lots of water laying stagnant in puddles on the road, coloured brown from the mud of the construction sites nearby. It's only a two lane road so here we were carefully dodging both mud and cars while making our way. We got to a place where the pavement was only one tiny ledge about the width of a brick. It was a little bridge for there was mud on both sides. There was no oncoming traffic so we quickly leaped on to the makeshift bridge and treaded carefully to get to safer, less muddier ground.

We were almost there when suddenly this double cab screeched passed, horns blaring while over-taking the line of traffic heading the same direction as we were. The idiot splashed us both with mud. I was covered up to my waist!

The dimwit, after his rather heroic attempt to hit the speed of sound, was stopped by the traffic lights 20 metres away. That was it. I was frothing. I was wet.

The width of a brick suddenly appeared to me like a sprinter's lane on a 400 metre track. I ran off towards the double-cab. Just when I was almost there, the light turned green and he turned on to union place.

Then to my surprise, there was a bus stopped just there so he couldn't get passed the junction. I started my running again. Caught up to him right in the middle of the junction and pounded on his window! I opened the door and god only knows what flew out of my mouth. He had the face of an angel who had done nothing. I noticed droplets of my spit flow out with my intricately selected words and onto his bald head. I noticed no one, even though I was smack bang in the middle of traffic, right in front of KFC on union place, at the centre of the junction. I think i heard an apology, and an offer to clean me up. I flung the door shut and carried on on my way.

That felt good.
(pls take more care while driving not to splash innocent passers-by with road water. After all, it could be me)

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~ I*R*O*M*I ~ said...

So proud of you, but your anger management issues worry me a little ! :)
I think you shouted something like "where the f*** are you going? Can't you f***ing see that you splashed me? What the f*** is your problem?? "


confab said...

oh yeah...that too:)...sha, it's good to know u take down notes of what i'm telling u:)...thanks maaan:D...

niroshinie said...

Good show! Did u take his offer to clean u up BTW? lol!!

T said...

Geez, and i thought i had anger issues!! :)

confab said...

niroshinie - haha of course not! he was an old bald guy with a white goatee. i just hope he managed to clean himself up after he peed his pants!

T - ah a lil blood rushing to the head never did any bad to anyone provided the fists didn't get involved too:)

Rajarata Goviya said...

this is a big problem even in the villages where the main road does not have a pavement for pedestrians and the roads are now full of pot holes. All vehicles are culprits but bus drivers in large buses are the worst.
Even going at the speed limit will not prevent this. Our roads should be maintained properly so rain water drains properly, otherwise we are at the mercy of the vehicles.

~ I*R*O*M*I ~ said...

Umm ok. I hope you read the link I sent you. And yes, see taking down notes of what you say does come in handy !

Ayn said...

nice :D im quite impressed :D