Thursday, 7 June 2007

10 ways to keep yourself occupied at work...

10. Let your thoughts wander outdoors as your stare at a gorgeous day through the window from the confines of your seat. Think of where you'd rather be.
9. Email colleagues and ask em if they want to have a break. (after all it's been a tiring day!)
8. Chat on MSN, on which you will find other friends also lost at work.
7. Take a peak at your colleague's screen. Find out what he's/she's doing. Anything interesting?
6. Daily Mirror - find out which of our political babies wet his nappy today.
5. BBC - for more readable news.
4. Kottu for your daily dose of Sri Lanka bashing.
3. Check your emails...if you haven't got any new ones, read your old ones.
2. Let out the nosy, cough i mean intrusive, choke no i mean inquisitive side in you on Facebook and find out what everyone is upto, who is messaging whom, what the new goss is, who broke up with whom, etc. You know you want to...
1. Keep hitting refresh on your browser while signed into either Kottu, Facebook, or your Inbox and hope for the best...

Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I sell kimbula banis at tea time to office workers, and they share their stories with me. Hence this list. I do not in any shape or form have access to a computer at work. If I did, I would never indulge in any such unproductive activity. (it really isn't me boss!)

3 musings:

Anonymous said...

ha ha.....should i say time put to best use!! are you peeping on to my screen to see if there is anything interesting:))))

Rose said...

This is also an awesome website:

Kaiser Kobayashi said...

Facebook. God send!