Sunday, 27 January 2008

Watch out for Independence day

Another weekend getaway to yet another beach. Went down to Beruwela this time, and by golly it was packed! With foreigners too! Never have I seen a Sri Lankan beach with so many foreigners! But the fun is over, the sand has been washed off, Djokovic just won in Melbourne, and now the things-to-do list is staring at me on the eve of the first 5 day working week in 3 weeks!

First up on the list is the release of the 10 Second Rule album. We've decided to release the album online for free download, taking inspiration from Radiohead of course, on independence day, i.e. 4th of Feb. Album is titled "Monsoon Sunday 3: After the Rain" and will be available at You won't be able to do anything on independence day, apart from stay at home, so you might as well download the album;)

Well, off to the showers now!

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