Friday, 23 March 2007

Buddhist Monk Applies for Police Job!!!

Came accross this story in the Daily Mirror today.

Without any prejudice and without mocking any religion i'm trying to understand why!

Just for the record, a monk applied for the post of assistant superintendent of police. His application was rejected for the reason that he was not willing to give up his robes to wear the uniform. Fair enough that he didn't want to give it up. But why would he apply for such a job in the first place? How did he think he was going to perform his duties anyway? Was he goign to pin his badges on his robe and wear the hat?

In my opinion, a religious dignitary is a religious dignitary. That's more or less his job out of choice. But why cross the line? I never agreed with the monks going to parliament. I wouldn't want to see Duleep De Chickera directing traffic either. The fact remains that being a monk or a priest or an imaam is such a person's day job. I believe that they should respect the sanctity of their profession rather than try to be seen everywhere.

I'm glad that the administration is getting at least a few things right. It would've been mildly distracting to have a checkpoint manned by a group of monks.

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~ I*R*O*M*I ~ said...

Bloody absurd thats what it is. Every institution in society is there for a reason and everyone should stick to their institution and do what they have to instead of trying to merge or join another. In the end, nothing productive happens anywhere and the entire system collapses. Bah.