Monday, 5 March 2007

The mother of all big matches...

It's officially Royal-Thomian week. The one week where the boys of both schools are officially encouraged to do fuck all. If that isn't reason enough to be happy, the week ends with Colombo's largest gathering of lads, lasses, booze, papare bands, and, as of late, burly security guards, which adds up to the best carnival experience that Sri Lanka has got to offer!

Ah i wish i was back in school again. Tuesday would be the day where the prefects would take on the teachers in a softball game and the whole school would be there to shout and (j/ch)eer their favourite teacher. Tuesday is also the day for the highly entertaining Royal - Thomian debate, which usually starts off on a topic of relevance but quickly moves on to mudslinging of the highest order at which point the old boys are allowed to join in too. Wednesday is the day we used to play cat and mouse. The boys would be both : When the boys want to be cats, the mice are the poor students of all established girls' schools in the city(who i'm told actually enjoy being preyed upon. Is that so?). When the cops decide they want to play as well and decide that they want to be bloody cats at that, well the tables get turned. Ah the joys of the cycle parade!

I've religiously gone for every single match since i was 5 years old. Thanks to uni, i missed the last 3. So i trudged to College on 2 hours of sleep at 9 am on the 24th of Feb and made sure i got the tickets i wanted for this years match.

Now i need to figure out how i can slip off work early on thursday and friday. Nevertheless, Saturday promises to be nothing short of brilliant - if the match lasts that long. Both teams have had a mixed season (a nicer way of saying "unreliable" for all the dimwits and blondes out there). Apparently the scales tip slightly in the favour of Thora, but that's bollocks ok? Take my word for it.

So while the other schools kid themselves that their big match is the best, Colombo is getting ready for the biggest party yet!

2 musings:

Anonymous said...

looks like u r a royalist .. c u at the big match . will chear our brothers for a right royal victory

Floreat !

Tia said...

Oh yeah....u r soooooooo is indeed the biggest match of all...ever!!!