Friday, 23 March 2007

Papare music, first thing in the morning!

When i get into the car to head to work the first thing i do is switch the radio on and tune into YesFM (for their morning show is damn entertaining!). It was a sombre morning thinking about work that needs to get done and about tonight's impending slosh session at ssc. Just when i thought "ah important match tonight", the radio starts blaring papare music! Immediately i was transported back to the Roy - Tho. Only my mum's imposing presence stopped me from putting my hands up in the air, kicking my heels and doing the silly baila dance. But bloody hell did it liven up the mood!

I don't know what it is about papare music but to Lankan's there is no substitute. I don't know who started it or when, or where it found it's influence from. But these guys are musicians in a class of their own. These guys can improvise and do all sorts of shit and it just comes so naturally to them. Amongst other talents, they have an amazing alcohol capacity. Usually musicians fuck up when drunk. But these guys are fucked up if not drunk! Makes me think, maybe it's in the alcohol. Maybe i should ask them for some of what they drink.

30 minutes later i was at work, and the papare music was still going on. As i got out of the car this SUV passed me with the same papare music blaring out loud!

It's great to be Sri Lankan.

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N said...

Probably drinking IDL's best, Old Reserve...