Thursday, 18 October 2007

You know you're around lawyers when...

Yesterday began yet another series of wretched exams. So there I was, trudging back to Hultsdorf where the only form of life is of the kind clad in black and white sarees and suits. Well, not exactly zebra print suits, which you're probably more likely to find in Malaka Silva's wardrobe, but I mean black suits and white shirts. If you thought that was bad in this heat, these bloody lawyers top it off with a cape, much like batman, and batgirl (just to be fair) which weighs a ton and does not look comfortable!

In my hand i nervously clutched the short notes that I had finished preparing about 10 minutes before leaving for the exam. I was hoping that, if I clutched them hard enough, I'd absorb the content through an advanced form of osmosis straight from the future. In the midst of trying to put Hart, Pound, Darwin (the real dude, not the blogger:)), Dworkin, Austin and others into the right school of thought, I happened to glance at the notice board at Law College. A few vacancies, a list of failures at the last exam, the usual. But then I saw this notice that caught my eye, which made me realise that I was most certainly in the right place. It read :

An article has been found and it is in the custody of Mr. X.

The owner of said article can call over at his office and collect same.
Sri Lanka Law College.

Edit - Note to reader : Article, in this context and in lawyer-speak, means an object or item rather than a publication. Instead of expressly stating what was missing, they stated that they found something. It was up to the loser to prove that he had lost it.

5 musings:

T said...

i dont get it :S

Darwin said...

Hahaha! So basically the Principal of the Law College prob had a million people turning up with all sorts of 'missing objects/item' claims.

Confab said...

yeah imagine that? i would've thought it would be something like a lucky draw!
"sir, i think i lost a phone"

'we didn't find a phone'

"then a watch? some jewellery? anything?"

Savi said...

hehe that's a good one :)

pissu perera said...

hart, austin and dworkin are extremely intresting to read but an absolute bitch to study :-(