Thursday, 4 October 2007

Neighbourhood Watch

Directly taken from the official website of (the apparently) Honorouble Namal Rajapaksa.

"ARMS GIVING CAMPAIGNS - ‘Tharunyata Hetak’ organized an arms giving for the elderly folk of ‘Tissamaharama’ on the 6th of May of 2007. The event was attended by approximately hundred elderly people."

Be extra careful. 100 armed senior citizens are on the loose.

5 musings:

N said...

I'm feeling vomitish...after following that link..."A world with a humanitarian'..bleh

T said...

yech. that opening picture put me off so much i couldnt even read the website. what a ghastly looking boy!

tinylittlefascist said...

I now feel physically ill. Good thing I have a paper bag next to my computer for occasions such as this.

Soon I'll need both hands to count the Rajapakses despoiling my life.

Gah! :(

Have to agree with T as well, he is a rather ghastly specimen. :)

Saman Fernando said...

What a disgusting website!
I didn't know that the spoiled kid had one.

pissu perera said...

heh.. he has a blog, where he is yet to start writing. must be too busy saving the world.. you HAVE to read the "about"'s hilarious..thanks for the comic relief confab..=)