Friday, 19 October 2007

Law, Math, Music

I'm not made for these bloody exams. I've done jack all today! But i've already started with the papers so there's no backing down now. However, this cramming nonsense just doesn't work. I've already forgotten what I read in the last hour, much like Darwin forgot to shut off that Electro-thingamagig. How so? Well, probably cause it's as critical, since the paper is only a few days away and what i'm studying is completely new to me!

So yeah, I learnt a few things that might be helpful along the way, like how I can sneak into some land you own and if I can live there for 10 years without being kicked out, I can challenge you for ownership and also learnt how big, in terms of land mass, a paddy cultivation needs to be. It's more than obvious why I need the latter bit of information cause 63% of all Sri Lankan males under 25 take to paddy cultivation. Might I add 80% of statistics are bullshit.

My study pattern for today has been pretty simple. Study for an hour, then play guitar for an hour and a half. If I break down that 1 hour of study time, it'll be something like this:

  • Read the notes - 10 minutes
  • Stare at the ceiling blankly - 25 minutes
  • Realise that I'm really not reading the notes - 5 minutes
  • Re-read the notes - 10 minutes
  • Look forward to the end of the hour - 10 minutes
At least i'm getting better at the guitar.

5 musings:

Darwin said...

Yeah I remember my dad (he's a lawyer) telling me about "squatter's rights" re: that 10yr thing. Shocking! During my final year exams, I got into baking...I think that was the equivalent to your guitar breaks:)

Goodluck for the exams anyway...

Confab said...

in my final year i did everything but study! but strangely enough, i passed. now it's these bloody attorneys...rubbish i say!

but thank u nevertheless:)

Parthi said...

one of my professors once while teaching said an average human can solely concentrate on a lecture or studying kinda thing fully for only 10 to 20 mins max..beyond that their mind cannot concentrate solely on studying ..therefore he says what can you expect from a 1 hours lecture? 2/3 is just waste

i always have a battle when it comes to the finals...i end up listening to more music than studying than ever before im not alone

RC59Group said...

A quick question to all budding lawyers:

Is it part of the profession to lie?

Confab said...

parthi, i agree with ur professor:D
rc59group, well you see, there's a difference between lying and twisting the's something to do with points of view:) one man's terrorist and all that. so it's technically not lying at all:) common misconception abt lawyers amongst the non-lawyers.