Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Catching Up

After weeks of leaving it for later, I finally took the plunge today and had my keyboard replaced. 100 bucks and a couple of hours later, I’ve got a fully functional keyboard (no more start menu pop-ups!) and an extra stick of RAM (it was a long time coming).

What prompted me to take action was something that happened last night. Now, for a few weeks I’ve been using an external keyboard and not touching the laptop’s keyboard, which worked fine. But for some reason, while chatting to the missus last night, the damn start menu popped up from nowhere. That was that! No more procrastinating. So it’s done and I’m glad.

Enough about that.

Over the last month I’ve had quite a few visitors. Firstly Jim (remember him from the band?) and Lindsay arrived. Got to spend some time with them which was good, cause I’m not sure when our paths will cross again. Then the missus herself came, and we had a blast for a whole month. Somewhere during that month my cousin arrived. So all in all May was a good month.

May was also the month that the Lanka Lions toured Kuala Lampur. Lanka Lions is a cricket team in Singapore made up of mainly, you guessed it, Lankans. However, the team also has a couple of Indians and even a Chinese guy. The first team is arguably the best in Singapore and features quite a few national players. Now obviously I don’t play for that one. I play for the second team, which plays in a far more relaxed league and the games are fun. So both teams (minus the national players who were playing some ICC tournament) along with Russell Arnold, who incidentally joined us for the tour, set off for KL by coach. We were to play 2 matches in KL against the Royal Selangor teams. We lost both, although the matches were close. In our defence, playing cricket while severely hungover is harder than convincing Hillary to give up her campaign (btw congrats to Obama!). However, Mr Arnold lived up to his name, taking 4 wickets and also scoring 54, which was not enough to pull it off for us unfortunately. Oh well, good times.

A couple of weekends on, the missus and I went down to Sentosa island to check it out. Fuck the cable car ride to the island was super, although I must admit I was shitting bricks at first. When we got to the island, I knew that I had to be on the Sentosa Luge. The luge involves going up over trees and a hill in one of em skylifts used by skiers to get to the top of the mountain. You know where you sit with your legs dangling? Now that was some freaky shit too. I was scared my slippers were gonna come off. I was scared to even look back coz we were going up the mountain. But it was quiet the view from up there, well the bit I dared to look anyway. Coming down the hill was more fun I thought. We had to get into these lil motor-less go carts and speed down the hill, much like sledding but with wheels and steering. AwesomeJ

Last Friday, went out to Novus, which is the bar at the National Museum in Singapore, with a few colleagues to say bye over drinks to a couple of lawyers. The setting is beautiful, situated in a courtyard which has been done up with flowing water, candles, white canopies and low lighting. Apart from the 1 for 1 drinks offer before 9, the two piece band was super!! They were playing all the hits from the 70s and the 80s and it was great. After that wound up, went and plonked myself at Sex and the City with friends and it was rubbish. However, it was strange to hear the audience oooh-ing and aah-ing each time carrie bradshaw came out in a new outfit. “OMG Look at her shoes. They are gorgeous aren’t they lah?”. Agh. That’s when I decided that it’s time to take a nap.

Time in Singapore has gone by super fast. Almost 4 months done, and I’ll be back in the sunny(er) shores of Sri Lanka soon. Too bad I’ll miss the season where all the bloggers will be in town. Don’t drink too muchJ

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Pink Mist said...

Haha!! - at the first phrase :D Good to have you back at blogging!

the-lines-of-beauty said...

whats the story about the unfriendly people at prince of wales?