Saturday, 31 May 2008

Back from hibernation.

So the comp is usable thanks to an external keyboard. Hence, I can finally catch up on all the blog posts I've missed. Also, I can finally blog about the many things i've wanted to, such as my friends being robbed in the beautiful Unawatuna, Novus lounge bar in Singapore, the last month with the missus, KL with the Lanka Lions and Russel Arnold, food picture posting bloggers, and much more.

So give me some time to organise my self, and I shall begin dishing out my wares.

Till then.

4 musings:

eLhamza said...

looking forward for the post on "KL with the Lanka Lions and Russel Arnold".

KL,you mean Kuala Lampur aren't you? Wow,were they really here?I mean Lanka Lions n Russel Arnold?

the-lines-of-beauty said...

this is what u were doing when we we were talking over beer??????

Anonymous said...

want more pics of HBC?

Anonymous said...

You have been tagged.. go spread the love.