Saturday, 21 June 2008

Ode to Rambukwella

If what the Sunday Leader says here is true, and I'm convinced it is, Keheliya Rambukwella is an idiot.
Ramith, or whatever his son's name is, and a couple of his mates broke into the office of the Senior Games Master of Royal College and stole a couple of files relating to their disciplin. However, the idiots got caught.
Rambukwella junior is a fucktard
So Ramith decides to deny the whole incident. What he didn't realise is his dear friends, who obviously don't have parents who are celebrities in the tale of our banana republic, confessed to the incident and even concurred that Ramith broke the lock.
Rambukwella senior is a disgrace
So College institutes disciplinary action against the students. However, Old Rambukwella decides to pay a visit to the principal and threaten a fundamental rights petition against the principal for taking disciplinary measures against his kid. Now, if i'm not mistaken, this guy has lived abroad. He is also the defence spokesperson for the government and the Minister of foreign employment. What faith can we as a people entrust in a leader like him when he threatens the process of justice? How dare he even try to initimidate the school authorities? If I was principal I would've kicked Ramith and his accomplices out of the school!
While I'm proud to be an old boy of the school that is unting to stand up against the pressure exerted by the Government, my pride to be a Sri Lankan diminishes with every passing day when I hear of such incidents. When an educated, exposed member of Government cannot comprehend that his blood is in the wrong, then how can I expect much more from his colleague Mervin Silva?
How I pray for the day where the "big" people are made to eat their own shit.

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Anonymous said...

Both father and son deserve a flogging.

Anonymous said...

Thats some fucked up shit. Then again its nothing new here eh mate...