Tuesday, 10 July 2007

"unusual relationships"

So the coach (Aruna Shantha) and captain (Chandima Akarawita) of the Sri Lanka women's volleyball team were fired yesterday. Who gives you may ask? I personally don't. But the reasons for dismissal are hilarious.

The national women's coach has been banned for 10 years from all activities pertaining to the sport while the captain has lost her status for a period of 2 years. So it must be a serious breach of conduct don't you think?

Well, yes and no. The coach was found in a player's room, which, for obvious reasons, is out of bounds for a male when the whole the team is a bunch of females. Now I think it was fair that he lost his spot. I mean, if he wanted to get a fuck, he didn't need to go on tour for it. By letting his hormones get the better of him while on tour, he lost out on his professional judgment and thus should be penalised. Well done volleyball association.

Now the captain? Read this.
"Chandima lost her status for maintaining an “unusual relationship” with a team-mate Devika Kapilakumari who was severely warned and discharged."

What a bloody laugh! What I don't understand is why bring out the players' sexual orientation, which, in effect, should be personal anyway! The reason for the discharge should have been the same as the coach. Why go to extra lengths to disgrace the players and then name them as well? "Unusual relationship"? Bollocks I say!

A little tact would do them good.

2 musings:

T said...

why discharge her in the first place? a grown woman should be allowed to have a relationship, unusual or not. i doubt all the other players are single, volleyball-only women.

confab said...

well, generally on professional sporting tours, members of the tour party are not allowed to have their partners along on the tour in order to make sure the players aren't distracted. so having a relationship with a girl on the same team would be the same. but the grudge i hold here is that they publicised it as the capt having an unusual relationship rather than a relationship with another team member, the latter excuse being good enough to warrant a dismissal.