Tuesday, 3 July 2007

HTML help needed!

Bloggers, I need some help! I'm working on the website for 10 Second Rule, which i'm gonna have hosted on blogger, so that it's a band blog rather than a band website. The problem is i'm having HTML woes. I don't know the language at all, so I can't troubleshoot.

See, the issue is, I've uploaded the above picture as my header. On IE7 it sits perfectly, all centred and in the right place. But in firefox, as u can see above, the header jumps the container by about 5px (the grey bits being outside the container). How can i fix that? If any of you can help me, i'll give you the required permissions to the blog in order to rearrange it for me. If you can tell me here, i'd still be grateful!

Pls help! Pls comment if you can help!

4 musings:

shehal said...

hey send the link of your site... i'll have a look at it...

confab said...

hi machang. thanks for ur comment. the site is www.10secondrule.co.nr. any way u can help? thanks!

the_jester said...

Try using a [div] tag to center it.
eg :

[div align="center"]...content...end of body...[/div]

Replace the ['s with <'s

Anonymous said...

i think u should leave it as is. it looks like a quirky cool logo.