Sunday, 15 July 2007

Rajpal at it again?

Kaiser Koyabashi (on getting beaten up) and Pradeep Jeganathan (rambuttans in jelly i believe) also found here.

7 musings:

pissu perera said...

oh you've got to be kidding me!! hasn't the shit head learnt anything from last week's uproar??!!

Theena said...

This is insane. Maybe he wants to go down fighting.

The Lakbima site is down. Bandwidth exceeded apparently.

Anandawardhana said...

Oh no! :-O
Website is still down.

Anonymous said...

he has branched out.

He has also stolen articles from
here, and here.

That last article is from the Sunday Observer of 2 years ago. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Just Mal said...

Why doesn't someone just sue him? This has to be illegal.

His arrogance is astounding. No wonder Mihin got rid of the bugger.

n said...

Also that website has to be one of the worst designed I have ever seen!

pissu perera said...

mihin got rid of the bugger because he critisized mihin in a state paper. that doesn't really say anything good about mihin. i think a complaint has been lodged against rajpal in the PCC. let's hope something good will come out of that.