Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Bay of Lights

The bay looked beautiful tonight.

I was distracted. Distracted by its beauty, by the backdrop, by the lights and by my mind. Even the near ear-shattering decibel levels concocted by shiny cars which sped past too fast could not interrupt me from my mind's non-aimless wander.

Today was expected. Yesterday I was expecting today, but never thought it would be today. So I was surprised. My mind, up until today, had been as calm as the bay, as well constructed as the backdrop. Today, it was a gunny bag of contradictions. Relief, cause it was inevitable. Sadness, cause it happened. Frustration, but only with myself. Happiness, but not for myself.

The calm will follow the re-construction, which will follow self-realisation which is already in progress. And then, I will go out on a limb again, but not in the same employ. But I will.

The bay will look better tomorrow, when the lights shine a little brighter.

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