Saturday, 6 June 2009


I saw some Indian guava today at the supermarket, and I had to get myself some.

Back at home and sinking my teeth into the soft green fruit, the sweet taste transported me back in time, roughly 15 years ago, to Negambo, to my Aunt's garden out there where my brothers, cousins and I used to pick the pink pera from the trees and devour it with gusto. This would be both before and after a game of cricket in the afternoons, where my uncle used to repeatedly lift my bowling over square leg and between the coconut trees for six. Then my brother and I would go "double" cycling around the sleepy surroundings of Negambo town.

I guess we forget alot of memories, only to be reminded of them later in life to only crave for those moments again.

3 musings:

Delilah said...

pink pera is awesome. nice to have you back:)

Confab said...

thanks Delilah :)

pissu perera said...

that's all well and good but it's negOmbo, not negAmbo.