Saturday, 23 August 2008


It was 6 months out in a place I had only ever been to once before, that when I was 3.

Now that's done and dusted, and it feels great to be home and on my time where there are no work commitments, deadlines or clients. Less than 24 hours in and I'm already feeling the disorganized chaos that is Colombo, where my brother drives like a maniac, brother 2 is in bed with a cast, everything must stop for politicians and buses, and so on.

I liked my stint out there. A lot of people warned me that i'd be bored after 2 weeks. But, as is the case anywhere, you gotta keep your self doing things, and you will love it.

It helped that I found myself in the midst of a great bunch of people. My cousin (the one that RD knows in London) once was telling me that, to people living abroad, friends are their family. Now, although that may seem like stating the obvious, it definitely is true.

So, for four months i'll be here, soaking up my homeland. Then to a not-so-new family.

But first, tonight to Chaar-max's bachelor party!

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Scrumpulicious said...

Must be nice to be back! :)