Saturday, 16 February 2008

Greetings from Singapore

Hello and welcome to Singapore!

It's such a nice place, especially when I find an unsecured wireless network at my apartment, when i wasn't expecting to have internet for a week!

The flight was delayed as usual by 45 minutes at BIA, but it eventually arrived at the brand new terminall at Changi airport, which was built especially to accomodate the A380. The terminal is beautiful. The A380, i'm not so sure, as I couldn't get a glimpse of it anywhere on the tarmac!

I must say the roti parata meal on the plane certainly lifted me up from my leaving blues, and prepared me for what's to come. What did come? An apartment that needs lots and lots of cleaning. But even that is ok, now that I have internet.

So after a meal of Chicken Rice at the local food court and 2 hours of cleaning the kitchen and a bathroom, here I am catching up on what i've missed in the last so many hours since I've been online! Plenty going on at Darwin's, fuelled by a plot by a bunch of bearded buggers' to assassinate the makers of dilbert. (Darwin - my sincere apologies for not being able to reply. As you can see, I was stuck in mid air!) My only gripe about that whole scenario is that I wish people would live and let live when it comes to sensitive issues such as race, religion, sex, sexuality, etc.

Anyway, it's bed time, or at least it feels like it even though it's only 8:45pm back home in CMB. There's plenty more cleaning to be done in the morning.

p.s. The album has reached 300 downloads!

7 musings:

pissu perera said...

dude, the yellow on white combo you have for the links is almost invisible and can't be seen unless it's highlighted. sorry, i'm going off topic..

Darwin said...

I have to agree, the colour combo seriously compromises visibility!

No hard feelings, I agree with the 'live and let live' bit! Glad to see you've settled down relatively easily:)

Scrumpulicious said...

So have you moved to Singapore for band and music stuff?

Your music is not too bad! ;-)

confab said...

PP - hope this is better?
Darwin - No hard feelings at all.
Scrumpulicious - I wish! I'm just here on work for 6 months, and then back to SL. Thanks for the compliment. or is it one?

pissu perera said...

much better.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your settling in..and even more happier that theres a working i-net

I think the best decision made was letting that album out for was like unleashing talent that needed that exposure!! long live the 10 Seconds!!

Scrumpulicious said...

A compliment! :)