Sunday, 25 November 2007

Monsoon Sunday : The Gig

With all the confirmations finally in, we have a gig on our hands! 8th Dec, 8pm, at the Zetter (formerly known as Tabu). This is exciting for a whole bunch of reasons!

We paid a visit to the Zetter today and it looks abso-fucking-lutely super! Pristine white interior, with a bar that runs all the way through the club (you'll never be too far from the drinks) and the fanciest sound and lights system i've seen at any venue in Colombo! This is a far cry from the dark and intimidating interior and atmosphere of the old Tabu.

Hollowpoint Halo, probably the biggest band in the Sri Lankan underground scene, confirmed to play, and are promising a new sound, which would be a step away from the acoustic sessions they've been known to play. S.A.M. was one of the most exciting bands at Onstage this year, and we were more than happy to invite them along for the ride.

10 Second Rule will feature a new drummer: The fabulous Jim Sykes, the American that you've read about previously here. Our line up is also likely to include percussionist Ravihansa, which should add to the new flavour that we plan to introduce at the gig.

Over the next 14 days watch this space for more information about the gig. For now, make sure you keep the date free!

2 musings:

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Wow Confab, I wish I was there to see you with Jim playing. I really hope I can get out there before he leaves SL, would love to meet him.

Confab said...

thanks mate! i wish you could see the new line up, and the new sound. we've moved away from the in-your-face alt rock that we played at the gig u were at. we're concentrating more on a blues/funk based sound now!

so get down here pronto!