Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Doctor of Drumology

5 papers down as of today, and lucky number 5 had to be the worst one. Who bothers with the constitution anyway? Bah!

So after trudging away from the exam hall looking and feeling all too glum, i headed toward the infamous green path hangout. The plan was to jam. On the way, I stopped at Colpetty junc and got a yummy egg bun and a chinese roll. Food always hits the spot right after an exam. Actually food always hits the spot, period.

At green path you always meet new people and, more often than not, they are fascinating! Today was plain ol' Jim, who is doing a PhD in drums and percussion! Now how fucking cool is that? It gets cooler. He's in Sri Lanka for a year to learn Sri Lankan drums as part of his course. So here he is, learning the language, suffering in the heat and playing everything from gata bera to hak gedi to kala, all the while earning more credits towards his PhD. So at the end of all this he's gonna be a doctor in drumology? Woah! Not only that, as soon as we started jamming I realised he's fucking brilliant!

Over the course of a couple of hours, about 8 of us switched between guitars, bass, drums (not me:D) and percussion. Probably the best impromptu jam session I've ever had! I'm still buzzed about it.

Tomorrow, 10 Second Rule heads off to record some new material in a strangely unusual way. I'm excited, but I hope it goes off well. Fuck exams. I know what i'm gonna do my PhD in!

4 musings:

Darwin said...

FWIW I *LOVE* seeing live acts where the band members can switch instruments between them:)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Wow - I'm seriously envious of Jim. Studying drums in SL would be like all my dreams coming true!

Confab said...

Darwin - haha yeah!...i used to love that too:)...i wish i was better at what i play so i could switch around easier...:) i've set my mind to learn drums soon too! RD is my inspiration!

RD - pls disregard the previous sentence:D...but yeah, how cool is that eh? he's actually learning kandyan drums over an exchange programme! his main instrument is the drums...he might join us in our recording sessions! i'm psyched!

Anonymous said...

count me in:D..on the PHd i mean