Monday, 13 August 2007

Ass for youth?

Namal Rajapaksha has been photographed up and down the country playing the role of the incompetent dictator's benevolent son. I've seen pictures of him in the papers giving gifts to wounded soldiers and also playing rugby in Matale with some of the locals there in order to promote his programme, which is affiliated to his daddy's foresight (or lack of it), titled "Tharunayata Hetak". I came accross this group on Facebook (where else!) which is something like the group of supporters of this, dare i say, project. The title is priceless though.
"Tharunnayata hetak ( asspiration for youth)"
Need I say more?
Although I wonder whose ass perspires for youth once he tucks himself back at the University of Nottingham.

5 musings:

Parthi said...

341 members in it...fascinating! hehehe...maybe once he goes to UK is all about partying and humping arnd that inspires the youth..hey thats needed too huh? voting him for next president! jayavewa

pissu perera said...

i bumped into him at a social gathering last week..either he was stoned or he thinks his ugly, smiling mug is as appealing as his father's..either way, the nutter couldn't stop grinning at people..and he had his little band of minions following him..pathetic..

confab said...

:) now now, he's sri lanka's first child after all...but fuck that...

sanjay said...

hahaha i cn see all of u fuckers scoldin namal or his family... jst imagine ur father been da president of srilanka... u wud hv gt da same treatment... lik parthi hs said about partyin u shit u wud hv also done da same if ur dad ws da president, and 2 u pissu perera u r reli fuckin pissu i guess ur father is da innocent out of da lot.... so y dnt u tlk 2 da little band of minions and see whether they r reli little or that they can fuck u... coward

Confab said...

hi sanjay,
thanks for that. firstly, if my father was president, he wouldn't go around making an arse of himself, be it locally or globally.

secondly, i was merely pointing out a few mistakes that he obviously missed. being the president's son means he should watch his ass. by which i mean his butt and not his "asspirations".

so u must be one of the minions? pls pass on the msg that i don't want to be fucked by any of them. i'm not gay. thanks