Saturday, 14 April 2007

Jenny you are crazy! First i'm perfect then i'm lazy?

Catchy lyrics, bluesy guitars, soulful pianoes and groovy drum beats are all central to this great album. Paolo Nutini, a little known Scottish guy is growing in popularity faster than Sri Lankan's can kill each other.

Although being only 20, he has a natural ability to tell a story in a song with much sincerity and conviction. My favourite is "jenny don't be hasty" where when he was 18 he met a girl at a gig and he told her he was 23 because she was. Eventually he confessed that he was only 18 at which she slapped him and left him. Harsh. But great inspiration for lyrics like

"I'll be around again to see these other men
That are more adequate in the age department
I did not think you cared.There'd be no problems here
But now you're looking at me like you're disgusted
Then I'm definitely waiting for you to smile and change your mind
Then I'll say I'm sorry and I'll wrap my arms 'round your body
I really hope that you forgive in a hurry
And don't just ask me to leave".

Having missed him in the UK, where he has gained tremendous popularity within weeks of launching his album last summer, i turned to trusted youtube and also to a gig airing right now on The performances are nothing short of electrifying and make you wanna get up and jump around crazily as if you were really there. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a mood booster.

His voice is very mature for someone of his age. His strong Scottish accent and thick lisp make him almost unintelligible when he talks. But when he sings you just don't want him to stop. Raspy yet soulful, much like Jacob Dylan and Jack Johnson.

The music on the album is great. My picks are "alloway grove" (which reminds me a lot of Johnny Cash for some reason - must be the tripping blues type of beat), "last request" (a ballad which is already on the charts), "rewind", "these streets"(the title track to the album) and "loving you".

These Streets is music for a rainy day. A mix of slow ballads and bluesy beats. I'd compare it to the likes of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Joshua Radin and even the Wallflowers.

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