Thursday, 19 April 2007

Blue James Band

I was introduced to about a month back. It's a great lil site that takes an Artist that you like and plays you music of a similar nature. Very cool. Very Addictive. You should try it. At the time, I was listening to a lot of Dave Matthews. So naturally I entered 'Dave Matthews Band' in pandora. The very first song it played me was a song called "remember me" by the lil known Blue James Band. I've never fallen in love with a song this fast from a band that i've not known from Adam.

My first impression was WOW. "remember me" had the charm of an acoustic with the energy of a charging rhino. The varied beats, the very addictive tune coupled with great vocals and lyrics had the makings of a great alternative hit. I tried to find out more about the song on google. I came accross the band's website here. After a bit of research, and listening to a few more songs of theirs, I was adamant that i had to get a copy of their CD, Thats That. But I was gutted that it was unavailable on amazon as well as any other website that i could think of (even torrents, haha). So a quick email to the band followed. I was surprised to get an enthusiastic reply from Cliff, the leader of the outfit. Having told him that I was trying to obtain a copy with no luck, he offered a few alternatives. When nothing worked and a few more emails later, he told me he would mail me a copy on the house! I was touched to say the least. It arrived yesterday and here I am, addicted.

Ripped the packaging. Had to hear it from the start. The music reminded me of the likes of Blues Traveller, Sister Hazel, Barenaked Ladies and Dave Matthews. Although "remember me" is still my favourite, "i can relate" has potential to knock the former out of its number 1 spot on my chart. Also loved "same person", "hello there", "falling down" and plenty more.

The album is an amazing mix of subtle power, beautiful lyrics, inspiring acoustic riffs and a strangely romantic charm. It's 'feel good' music at its best. It's a real shame that it's not more accessible for the people of the world. But the band has assured me the music is available for a nominal price on itunes. If it means spending about $2 on my favourite, i'd highly recommend it. Even if it is just cause I say so.

The band is working on their second album. I'll certainly be on the look out for that. 8/10 for That's That.

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Patty said...

You write very well.

Anonymous said...

Could you post the album on mediafire or something? Thanks