Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oreddy Oso Can Lah!

The hectic days never seem to end.

So the move was done. It all began with Air India Express, who, god willingly, brought me safely back down to earth not once but twice! (Yes, there was a small part of me that wondered whether I had made the right choice going budget!). The three hour stop over in Chennai, where small talk could not be avoided, was not travel-friendly. But it's done.

Arrived home at 10:30pm on Sunday night, straight to work first thing Monday morn. And every evening has been a mad rush of buying things for the house to make it a home.

So yesterday I had my first session of cricket in 4.5 months and i nearly died! But after cricket, we (the housemates and I) went to check out this couch, which turned out to be awesome, and which is now going to be a housemate of ours come Saturday. Strangely, i'm very excited about the couch!

Still need to get bed linen (yes, i've been sleeping on a sarong for days now), which should get done today.

Hopefully a relaxing weekend to come.

5 musings:

Sabby said...

Aww your title just hit home. Miss Malaysia! =(

surani said...

Your title caught my eye on Kottu cause we live in Singapore right now. ;o)
Good one lah!

T said...

so what does this title mean exactly? and when you said you checked out a couch, at first i thought it was a cool new club, but turns out it was just a couch.

Confab said...

oreddy = already
oso = also
can = they use it for every positive word, including yes, can do, will do, sure, etc.
lah = a note to follow so

surani, were u travelling with the lanka lions to KL by any chance?

no it really is just a couch T :)

Anonymous said...

you bitch!!! you flew Air India Express???? fly SriLankan dammit!!! wait wiloo the next time i hear you're flying anything other than UL i shall smite you and make sure an engine explodes over the deep blue sea!!!

and does the attraction to the couch involve a girl seated on it? :) if not i dont see the point! :p and yes i'm a sick little Kaiser! :p See ya round Confab! Cheers!