Friday, 21 November 2008

Extinguished fire

This turning into a recluse business is hard work. But, i've mastered the art of not stepping out of the house for 4-5 days at a time, preferring to live out my days (and nights!) in hadu tshirts and boxers alone. I probably get out maybe a couple of times a week. Once for the week's paper, the second maybe to meet a friend or two. And the rest of the time I'm cooped in front of my comp trying to pay attention to useless procedural laws. What a rubbish life!

And it's not like all this staying at home is ensuring that I'm acing the exams. What bollocks! I come out of the papers thinking "what just happened?!?" and then I forget what just happened.

Word of advice? Fuck the attorneys. Both the people and the exams.

In other news, this Kings of Leon track "Sex on fire" is so hot! I've heard it before, but it's grown on me tenfold in the last twentyfour hours. It's a high energy track that makes me crave to gig again. Their album "Only by the night" sounds very nice, even though illegally acquired.

Speaking of which, I was thinking about all this illegal music downloading that we do. If there was some other item of value that was available for sale, and illegally available for free (such as maybe a TV?), I'd probably go buy it legit rather than nick it. But I have no morals when concerning digital content. Should I be worried? Should you be worried?

In any case, CD's just add to the clutter.

I need to get out more.

6 musings:

pissu perera said...

"Fuck the attorneys. Both the people and the exams"
amen to that! esp the exams. 2 days more and all i know about the constitution is that it was passed in 1978. what fun monday will bring.

Confab said...

oh u poor thing. i just saw ur time table...a paper almost ever 3-4 days? at least we've got a 7 day break between each paper...
well, g'luck! i cant remember anything abt constitutional law so cant help u there:)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hey, Sex on Fire is next on the list for my covers band to learn. Great song and is being used for all sorts of soundtrack things in the UK.

Confab said...

i can's such a catchy tune eh!? great energy!

Middle Child said...

u do need to get out more :D

Confab said...

:P thanks for that middle child..