Friday, 14 December 2007

You can't fire me...I quit!!!

If not for the air conditioning and (almost) working computers, I would've thought I was working in a government department.

We've got the works.
Nosy secretaries who want to know everything about everyone and then spread malicious rumours surreptitiously to carefully selected allies faster than a Minister's convoy.

Managers that openly bite each others arse off, in the hope of climbing the corporate rope-ladder.

Staff who sing baa baa black sheep each time a superior walks by. Well not really. Only the 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir' bit.

Peons who refuse to deliver docuements to client's in rajagiriya cause they 'only deliver in Colombo'.

And, to top it all off, a director who laughs like a hyena on weed, talks as if she can't be heard, and acts like she doesn't know what she's doing!

To think this is supposed to be a multinational organisation. But don't get me wrong, this is the ONLY department of it's kind in this office. The rest of the people are normal. Too bad my qualifications meant I only fit in here. I'm just glad i'm into my final two weeks.

2 musings:

Darwin said...

Oh dear...sounds a tad rubbish. At least you can give them the finger when you walk away from it all:)

Queen of the Dark Asylum said...

assholes. hope they all get blown into pieces in a blast.
no that sounds too harsh..
anw, good that you ve decided to show them the middle finger. hehe